person holding white ring light


What does a dream about a circle mean?

A dream about a circle symbolizes wholeness, perfection, completeness and immortality. This dream can also symbolize completion within yourself, or be a representation of the sun.

What does a dream in which you move in circles mean?

A dream in which you are moving in circles is about your life path. Perhaps you are not moving forward and continue to go around in circles in a certain situation. This dream can also indicate monotony and endless repetition.

What does a dream about circles mean?

A dream about circles in circles indicates that you are well protected or that you are overly guarded. It may be that you need to lower your defenses. Or this dream may emphasize that you have fallen into a vicious circle. You need to find a way to break this circle.

What does a dream about an imperfect circle mean?

Seeing an imperfect or incomplete circle suggests that you will encounter many obstacles and setbacks before you reach your goal. You need to work on yourself and develop more knowledge. Eventually, you will overcome these obstacles and find that your struggle is worthwhile.

What does a dream about a circle with a cross mean?

A dream about a circle with a cross symbolizes a woman, the earth, or the center of something.