a judge's gavel on top of a flag


A dream about jurisdiction symbolises control, power, and the area of your influence. This dream...
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brown wood log lot


A dream about wood symbolises labour, growth, stability, earthiness and natural connections. This dream...
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A dream about the X-Men symbolises themes of individuality, accepting unique talents and...
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person standing beside tent


A dream about a yurt symbolises a desire for simplicity, return to basics or...
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a man and a woman holding a canadian and canadian flag


A dream about xenophobia often symbolises inner fears and insecurities, especially in relation to the...
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white and blue lego blocks on brown wooden table


A dream about accuracy symbolises your attention to detail and your desire for precision and...
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person holding black game controller


A dream about an Xbox often symbolises your desire for relaxation, distraction or an escape...
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kein mench ist illegal sign sticker

asylum seeker

A dream about an asylum seeker often symbolises feelings of alienation, the search for safety and...
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woman formed hands into pistol


A dream about accusation symbolises your feelings of guilt or fear of being misunderstood,...
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blue orange and yellow wallpaper


A dream about something abstract symbolises your tendency to think more deeply about the...
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Woman Daydreaming While Resting


A dream about something absurd symbolises situations in your life that seem illogical or incomprehensible....
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Person Holding White Paper Near Stainless Steel Faucet


A dream about absorbing symbolises the absorption of new ideas, emotions or energies. This dream...
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A dream about abundance symbolises prosperity, happiness, success and fulfilment. This dream may indicate...
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A dream about abuse symbolises feelings of powerlessness, fear or trauma in your life. These...
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man doing breakdancing on gray surface


A dream about talent symbolises your awareness of your own skills and potential. This dream...
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person performing on stage


A dream about the X-factor symbolises the unknown or elusive potential within yourself. This dream...
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slice of yellow citrus fruit


A dream about acid possibly symbolises bitterness, disappointment or a 'sour' experience in your waking...
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grey framed eyeglasses on book


What does a dream about abolition mean? A dream about abolition symbolises the desire for change

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woman with blue eyemake up sipping beverage


A dream about acceptance symbolises your need for recognition and the feeling of belonging somewhere...
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woman kissing black leather boxing gloves


An achievement dream symbolises pride, self-confidence and celebrating your successes. This...
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stressed man with notepads stuck all over his face


A dream about responsibility symbolises your feelings about obligations or responsibilities in your waking life....
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black and white brick wall


A dream about accessibility symbolises your accessibility and openness to new experiences or relationships. This...
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brown ice cream cone


A dream about something happening accidentally symbolises unexpected events or situations in your...
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two person handshaking


A dream about conformity symbolises your desire for order and consistency in your life. This...
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person wearing red jacket sitting on 3-wheeled chair


A dream about accomplishing something symbolises your desire for success and achieving your...
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mushrooms, forest floor, fall


A dream about accumulating symbolises your desire to accumulate more of something, such as material...
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a person riding a motorbike on a city street


A dream about speeding up symbolises your desire to progress faster in your life....
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woman sitting on brown chair beside glass window


A dream about absence symbolises feelings of neglect or missing something important in...
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man in brown sweater wearing black framed eyeglasses


A dream about rejecting something symbolises your desire for autonomy and control over your own...
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person holding black and white tennis racket


A dream about a tennis racket or badminton racket symbolises your dexterity in dealing with challenges....
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assorted colored balloons mid airs


A dream about a balloon symbolises changes in emotions or expectations. This dream may indicate...
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woman with red lipstick and stars


A dream about herpes symbolises fear of rejection or judgement in intimate relationships. This dream...
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yawning lion on green grass during daytime


A dream about roaring symbolises your deep need to be heard and recognised. This...
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a woman taking a picture of the ocean with her cell phone


A dream about a foreigner symbolises an aspect of yourself that is unknown or foreign to...
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resurrection, death, dream


A dream about reincarnation symbolises personal growth and transformation. This dream indicates a change...
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gray balanced-arm lamp on brown wooden table


A dream in which you sit behind someone else's desk symbolises feelings of insecurity
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white and brown bear plush toy on grass

stuffed animal

A dream about a cuddly toy, stuffed animal or stuffed animal symbolises immaturity, security, love or comfort. Or.
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green leaves on tree trun k


A dream about ivy symbolises permanence, loyalty, the desire for a stable living environment or a...
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closeup photo of woman wearing black top


A dream about breath symbolises vitality and life force. This dream indicates your inner state...
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two men in suit sitting on sofa


A dream about a counselor, coach or consultant symbolises your need for professional or emotional...
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Ginger Beer Can

ginger beer

A dream about ginger ale symbolises a period of development and personal growth. This dream points...
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time lapse photography of road near Elizabeth's tower


What does a dream about curfew mean? A dream about curfew symbolises feelings of restriction

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