red rose on brown envelope


A dream about Valentine symbolises a rapidly developing love, a new and blossoming relationship, or predicts that your current relationship will take a positive turn.

assorted flavor donuts with berries on top


A dream about a dessert, dessert or a dessert symbolises indulgence, celebration, reward or temptation. You enjoy the good things in life.

gray sand under white and blue sky


A dream about a desert symbolises infertility, loneliness and feelings of isolation, hopelessness or abandonment.

girl covering her face with both hands


A dream about hiding symbolises a strong emotion, possibly frustration. You are hiding something from someone, perhaps a relationship with which you have a problem.

high-angle photography of grocery display gondola


A dream about a supermarket symbolises that your basic needs must be met, or that you are looking for emotional nourishment.

brown and black snake


A dream about an anaconda symbolises a desire for sex or a need to tailor your sexual adventures to your sexual needs.


obstacle or obstruction

A dream about an obstacle, obstruction or something standing in the way symbolises something in your life that you have to overcome.

person carrying baby while reading book

read to someone

A dream in which you read something out loud means that you need to talk to someone about your future. This dream can also symbolise the need to communicate.

girl in blue and white floral dress holding blue metal fence


A dream in which you tell something means that you have a strong desire to share your experiences with someone else. You probably need to talk to someone close to you about a particular problem.

woman in yellow and black floral dress sitting on brown wooden chair


A dream about a story means that you have a lot of information to share with the world. You want to share your knowledge and your ideas.

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